Making a funny film isn’t just about script – something which is often forgotten. But Kicking Off cleverly uses all of the cinematic elements at its disposal to keep its audience laughing right to the end.

It’s laugh out loud funny, and the use of split screen and talking to camera never feels too gimmicky. The dialogue sometimes loses its way in the longer scenes, but is saved by the comic performances of the cast.

The film draws interesting parallels between religion and football fanaticism, but it’s a shame about the underwritten girlfriend character, who has little to do.

 A genuinely funny script and smart performances will leave you kicking off that there isn’t more of it – even for those who don’t care for the beautiful game.

RATING: 3/5 

DIRECTOR: Matt Wilde

WRITER: Robert Farquhar

CAST: Greg McHugh, Warren Brown, Alistair Petrie

SYNOPSIS: One football fan goes a little too far in his love for the game when he kidnaps the referee who caused his team to be relegated.