Charming and warm, Paper Towns offers a teen flick with a bit of depth. Wolff adds another solid performance to his growing filmography, and the perfectly cast Delevingne is everything she should be. Abrams supplies the bulk of comic moments with flare, in conjunction making himself, Wolff and Smith a delight to watch.

References to pop culture and a quiet intelligence, consistent with John Green’s work, elevate the more cliched moments of Paper Towns. With a strong message regarding the demystification of the “manic pixie dream girl”, one could argue that the film has importance as a feminist piece.

Though it might not rival Easy A, Paper Towns has a place amongst the higher-quality teen films that have been gracing our screens in recent years.



CAST: Nat Wolff, Cara Delevinge, Austin Abrams, Justin Smith

DIRECTOR: Jake Schreier

WRITERS: Scott Neustadter & Micheal H. Weber (Screenplay), John Green (Novel)

SYNOPSIS: After a night of hijinks with his former friend and current crush, Q tries to follow a series of clues to find her after she goes missing the next day.