Miguel. Young, naive and hopeful. A fresh faced, sunglasses-toting 22-year-old with a dream. Three albums later, he’s a star.

GL Askew II’s beautiful photography punctuates this unique profile of an unshakeable talent. Clever framing and perfect drone integration mirror the subject’s profound peace.

Not arrogance, mind. Khoshnoud and Abramson’s short is an introspective into the mind of an artist; once the underdog and now the champion. Miguel’s core charm and humility remains unaltered as his evolution unfolds on screen.

Unique, engaging and genuine. Crazy Enough is the story of a guy who believed, and won.

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DIRECTORS: Babak Khoshnoud, Will Abramson

SYNOPSIS: Back in 2008, they shot a young hopeful in San Pedro. He believed. When they went back to him this summer, they found the same person.