This nostalgic screwball comedy is Woody Allen-esque in plot and tone, which is funny, as Wilson seems to be wearing exactly the same shirt here as he did for the majority of Midnight in Paris. Unfortunately, the dialogue isn’t half as snappy as an Allen vehicle.

The laughs are frequent, but mild, and hampered by the over-egged farce and almost non-stop use of the phrase “call girls”.

The film is littered with lots of satisfying nods to classic Hollywood, as you might expect from Bogdanovich, and there are a few pretty wonderful – if not totally pointless – cameos.

Ultimately, She’s Funny That Way is one sharper script away from being a truly decent comedy, but the pace and frivolity still make this an enjoyable romp.



CAST: Owen Wilson, Imogen Poots, Kathryn Hahn, Will Forte, Rhys Ifans, Jennifer Aniston

DIRECTOR: Peter Bogdanovich

WRITER: Peter Bogdanovich, Louise Stratten

SYNOPSIS: A lothario director (Wilson) finances a New York call girl’s (Poots) acting ambitions, only to end up casting her in the same play as his wife (Hahn) and his wife’s ex-lover (Ifans).