The debate about drones is only in its infancy, but Drone proves that there’s plenty of discussion to be had.

Interviews with former drone pilots in the US and human rights lawyers in Pakistan highlight both sides of the issue, while footage of scores of young people on computers serves as a bleak reminder that the next generation of pilots will be gamers, not soldiers.

Schei presents the issue as very much an American one; but given the fact that 87 countries have drone capabilities the question is not if but when we will see an attack on US soil.

It would have been nice to hear testimony from someone still inside the drone program, but Drone is an effective exploration of a seldom-discussed political and moral issue.



DIRECTOR: Tonje Hessen Schei

SYNOPSIS: Through voices on both sides of this new technology, Drone reveals information about the drone war in Pakistan and offers insights into the nature of drone warfare.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015 ran from June 5th-10th 2015. One Room With A View’s coverage is available here.