Imagine Richard Curtis directed Catfish and you’ll have some idea of what Lia Jaspers’ Match Me! is all about.

We follow three people as they try various methods of finding a partner. Johanna attends a matchmaking festival in Ireland; Sarah travels to Italy to be part of an arranged marriage; and Sampsa joins a Finnish dating service with a twist.

It’s a premise that could easily have been mined for cynical point-scoring, but Jaspers is more romantic at heart than that. Things might not go the way we hope or expect, but everything is warm and fuzzy by the end.

Jaded skeptics need not apply. Match Me! is a wonderfully sweet documentary, filled with all of the joy, fear, hope and uncertainty that comes with falling in love.



DIRECTOR: Lia Jaspers

SYNOPSIS: Director Lia Jaspers explores the tender and bizarre nuances of modern-day love and shows how easy/elusive the search of “happily every after” really is.

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