Given that, in the words of director Michelle Coomber, Britain “voted itself back into the 1980s” last month, Generation Right could hardly feel more timely.

Coomber interviews academics, activists and former politicians to paint a complex picture of Margaret Thatcher’s 11 years as Prime Minister. Her final conclusion – that Thatcher was a complex and controversial figure in British politics – is hardly revelatory, but the film’s restraint is commendable.

Instead of simply painting Thatcher as a “Hitler in skirts”, Coomber explores the many paradoxes and contradictions of Thatcherism; the gulf between her vision for the country and the harsh reality.

It may not feature Meryl Streep, but Phyllida Lloyd could learn a thing or two from this nuanced study of the Iron Lady and the divisive legacy she left behind.



DIRECTOR: Michelle Coomber

SYNOPSIS: Michelle Coomber’s archive-rich film is a timely reminder of how Thatcher decisively set about implementing a profound sea change in the United Kingdom.

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