One imagines Brad Bird would be very enamoured with Moss and Galison’s work – there are parallels to be drawn between the message of Tomorrowland and the tone of this documentary about the disposal of nuclear waste.

It’s a monumental, Sisyphean task – trying to predict the unpredictable and think 10,000 years into the future – but strategically-used footage of the Fukushima disaster reminds us that this is a job for today as well as tomorrow.

And yet, there is hope. There’s something incredibly noble about scientists and sci-fi writers coming together to extend humanity through time as well as space.

Alarmingly frank but refreshingly optimistic, Containment tells a great many inconvenient truths but its coda assures us that all is not lost. The future will come, but we will endure.



DIRECTORS: Peter Galison, Rob Moss

SYNOPSIS: The disposal of nuclear waste does not make it to global news very often, but are we adequately future-proofing ourselves?

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