“Chat lunatique”: this fridge-magnet epithet encapsulates the irksome antagonist of this amusing short.

Told almost exclusively through voicemails, One Year Lease tracks the annus horribilis of Brian Bolster and his wacky landlady, Rita. The incompatibility between Rita and her tenants is adeptly realised through contradictory visuals and audio. Whilst Rita materialises purely through her frenetic phone calls, Brian and Thomas’ exasperation is shown through action. The camera pans across their possessions, with a calm order at odds with the soundscape.

The humorous narrative will strike a chord with many, and Casper the cat’s performance is worthy of acclaim.

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CAST: Thomas Harrington, Brian Bolster, Casper 

DIRECTOR: Brian Bolster

WRITER: Brian Bolster

SYNOPSIS: Renting in New York is fraught, as shown in this story about Brian, Thomas and Casper the cat. Can they cope with the demands of their feline-fanatic landlady?