Edgy, sharp and witty, Dope quickly and confidently does the legwork of establishing its world and characters, but seemingly struggles to know what to do with them once it’s done.

Dope is a hilarious film, and best succeeds when behaving as a straight-up comedy. The darker segments and coming-of-age themes have their place, but best show themselves when supported by the sharper comedic material – at which the likeable central trio excel.

Frustratingly close to great, Dope badly loses its way in the final act with a patronising to-camera explanation of its less-than-subtle final message.

Dope works best as a flashy and whip-smart pop culture comedy, but falters with its multiple endings and the over-egging of its political message.



CAST: Zoë Kravitz, Forest Whitaker, Blake Anderson

DIRECTOR: Rick Famiyuwa

WRITERS: Rick Famiyuwa

SYNOPSIS: A geek goes on a gritty adventure through L.A. in order to become cool.