As if it wasn’t jarring enough to see Sandler and Buscemi play understated with nary a slippery footed Kevin James in sight. Writer/director Thomas McCarthy has created an uneasy mess; shifting its tone from comedy, to drama, to caper, all in the name of convenience.

Poorly handled, some very real darkness (torture, domestic abuse, dementia, abandonment) sticks out against happy ending after happy ending, while unexplored consequences mean there is rarely any heft to the proceedings.

Simply put: it’s neither as funny or insightful (yes, sole sounds like soul) as it wants and needs to be.

A step in the right direction for Sandler, maybe, but this cobbler can’t repair the wear and tear from a career of so many missteps.



CAST: Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Dan Stevens

DIRECTOR: Thomas McCarthy

WRITERS: Thomas McCarthy, Paul Sado

SYNOPSIS: A disinterested cobbler finds himself able to adopt the appearance of any of his customers and soon finds himself in over his head.