To the beat of a metronome, Taylor Engel’s The Pavement unravels. Revelling in its noir roots, the short excels thanks to a narrative that plays to the strength of the format.

It toys with audience expectations from the off. The looping narrative forever intrigues, adding new tweaks with each repetition. Christopher Connors’ clever script bursts with narrative tricks that arrest, and abet Engel’s confident direction.

Yet, when reduced to its base elements, this short is simplicity at its finest. Adroit and clean, The Pavement is an exemplary example of short filmmaking and Engel is a talent to watch.

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DIRECTOR: Taylor Engel

WRITTEN BY: Christopher Connors

CAST: Clayton Nemrow, Kerry Norton, Clive Coe

SYNOPSIS: The city at night, a couple alone. A scream from the woman, the smoke of the gun…