Life begins with exciting momentum. It enjoys high quality writing and is genuinely funny at times. It is aesthetically impactful. So what’s the problem?

Good writing does not necessarily equal a good screenplay, and as the story haltingly progresses the audience is left longing for more impact, more oomph. Ultimately the film becomes monotonous and somewhat dull, its momentum progressively diluted with each time-stretching repetition and increasingly eye-rolling ‘meta’ moments.

Life’s main triumph resides in the performances of DeHaan, whose natural charisma suits the iconic role, and Pattinson, who is stunningly good and the best thing about the film.

Anton Corbijn’s snapshot of a photographer and his muse is cool and well made. Unfortunately, in comparison to its tremendous cast, Life is underwhelming.



CAST: Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan , Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley and Kristen Hager

DIRECTOR: Anton Corbijn

WRITER: Luke Davies

SYNOPSIS: Dennis Stock (Pattinson), a photographer for Life magazine, follows his instinct to shoot pictures of James Dean (DeHaan).

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