Though all this recent romcom doom and gloom seems just a little harsh, Two Night Stand won’t do much to turn the tide.

Unfortunately this cinematic bottle episode falls down on its frequently twee genre clichés and characterisation; while Teller is authentically unruffled, Tipton takes time to settle into an initially aggravating performance of incessant swaying, shaking and stamping.

Blame, perhaps, the “pithy” dialogue that renders the prospect of 80 minutes’ back-and-forth a little much to bear. When laughs do arrive, they’re nothing that hasn’t been done elsewhere – down to “you thought you hung up but didn’t” schtick. Timeless.

Director Max Nichols serves up a few laughs but otherwise allows Two Night Stand to inch towards its status as predictable, bland Valentine’s fare you might select having exhausted Netflix’s other “Quirky Romance” options.



CAST: Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton

DIRECTOR: Max Nichols

WRITER: Mark Hammer

SYNOPSIS: Two New Yorkers find themselves snowed in after a one-night stand.