Following 2010’s mystical Oscar nominee The Secret of Kells, budding animation master Tomm Moore returns to tackle Celtic folklore in Song of the Sea. In this he produces a wonderful film, haunted by enchanting melancholy that rolls through intricately rendered landscapes like a miniature force of nature.    

Aided by stellar voice work from the inimitable Brendan Gleeson, among others, Moore’s gorgeous sophomore feature is steeped in a transformative sense of sadness and longing. While it fails to reach the heights of Kells, there is no denying this is first-rate filmmaking from a filmmaker whose technique is matched by his humanity.

On the back of two exquisite animated offerings it won’t be long before director Tomm Moore’s name is thrown around with the likes of Miyazaki. Yes, he is that good.



CAST: (Voices of) Brendan Gleeson, David Rawle, Fionnula Flanagan, Lisa Hannigan, Lucy O’Connell

DIRECTOR: Tomm Moore

WRITERS: Will Collins (Screenplay), Tomm Moore (Story)

SYNOPSIS: Based upon the Celtic myth of the selkie, Ben and his anamorphic sister Saoirse are lured towards the ancient spirit world of the sea.