On the face of it, Trash is essentially Five Go on the Run in Rio: an adventure mystery with plucky street teenagers, priests, coded messages, murderous villains, and buried treasure.

At its heart though is a story of morals; of doing the right thing no matter the cost to oneself. The young Brazilian leads are funny and convincing, holding their own amongst the more experienced supporting cast.

You really worry when they are in peril, wince when they are hurt, and cheer when they solve another clue or outwit the cops. Far from trash, this film’s right on the money.

Trash is a magical film, possessing the ability to simultaneously anger you and lift your spirits as you are taken for a thrilling ride through the injustice of life in Rio de Janeiro.



CAST: Rooney Mara, Martin Sheen, Wagner Moura, Rickson Teves, Eduardo Luis, Gabriel Weinstein

DIRECTOR: Stephen Daldry

WRITER: Richard Curtis

SYNOPSIS: Whilst picking through a rubbish dump looking for useful items, three teenagers discover a wallet containing clues to the location of a stash of money and a book that will bring down a corrupt politician. Rather than hand it in they decide to solve the clues with the help of a priest and an NGO worker, all the while being hunted by a dangerous police inspector.