Can a music video be counted as art? In the case of Eye of the Storm, silence, serenity and solitude adjoin to testify to the positive.

With no dialogue, one singular human figure and a palette of swirling greens and effervescent yellows (exquisitely fashioned by Charles Kief), Alender manages to create a work of startling beauty buttressed by a cohesive Steampunk narrative. Eye of the Storm is a visual treat, overflowing with ingenuity and innovation.

Four years later, J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot have won their man, with Alender set to take his visual prowess into his first full feature.

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CAST: Lovett

DIRECTOR: Christopher Alender

WRITER: Christopher Alender

SYNOPSIS: The story of a lonely captain (played by Lovett) battling to keep his airship afloat in the midst of a raging tempest as he heads towards the titular ‘eye of the storm’.