Eran Hilleli’s graduation film from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design is said to be ‘a debt to my childhood, and other lives I hoped I lived.’ Hilleli’s clean, simple, and unerringly pure imagery sets out to mimic the qualities lost by experience and gained ideals, though that is not to say they’re absent; they never can be. The open-ended world of Between Bears leaves no answers, but plenty of questions.

As Hilleli’s striking minimalist approach takes hold, so does the urge to find meaning in a world where symbolism never finds solid ground. Though Between Bears may frustrate with endless reinterpretation, Hilleli’s world intends ultimate transparency, untainted by context and superfluous analogy.

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CAST: Daniela Spector

DIRECTOR: Eran Hilleli

WRITERS: Eran Hilleli

SYNOPSIS: A group of hooded figures follow the shaven remains of a black bear’s fur.