Jung-Chi Chang explores the hidden personal detachments sown throughout Taiwanese culture in this atmospheric high school thriller, which quickly sets pace with a merry ghost hunt.

We are launched into the technological connections of youth as classmates blog to find the murderer; our trio break into Wei-chiao’s old apartment to sneak through her underwear, diary and seedily strip her computer for clues.

Every scene is poignant whilst sown throughout are the seeds of teenage discomfort. The action gets increasingly frantic and the group’s social stalking is a frank contrast with the technological detachment that other teens around them face.

The biggest reflective element of Partners in Crime are the comments about society in Taiwan that show a true element of disconnection in the teenage culture, a disconnection that ironically they try to plug with social media and faking digital friendships or personalities.




CAST: Alice Tsai-yi Huang, Teng-Hui Huang, Chia-yen Ko, Teng-Hui Huang and Chen-Ling Wen

DIRECTOR: Jung-chi Chang

WRITER: Jung-chi Chang

SYNOPSIS: Three teenage boys come across the body of a school girl lying in the street. The girl is dismissed as troubled, but the boys strike up an unlikely friendship as they play amateur sleuths to uncover the real reasons for her death.

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