Declining to note that honeymooning at an isolated cabin in the woods – “we’re gonna have the whole place to ourselves” – is asking for trouble, Honeymoon soon passes its table-setting cliché and grips.

Bea’s early forgetfulness – names, recipes, memories – poses questions of whether this horror is something far more common, but lights in the night and a mysterious old acquaintance down by the river soon end such fancies, keeping uncertainty building for the majority of Honeymoon’s runtime.

Only with the final revelations, their very existence shrouded in doubt throughout, do things straighten up and tread familiar ground.

Eschewing jump-scares and shouty-bang-bang, Honeymoon is successfully gripping as it weaves towards an enigmatic truth. Credit to Leslie and Treadaway for their newlyweds in love, in doubt, in shock, in despair.



CAST: Rose Leslie, Harry Treadaway

DIRECTOR: Leigh Janiak

WRITERS: Phil Graziadei, Leigh Janiak

SYNOPSIS: Two newlyweds retreat to an old cabin for their honeymoon where they’re soon trapped in an unimaginable nightmare.