Sex and love as toxic to one another – such is the bizarre dichotomy put forth by The Duke of Burgundy.

Peter Strickland’s latest in a string of all-enveloping exploitation subgenres meticulously burrows through societal taboos to cement new standards of intimacy and sexual normalcy. As “normal” begins to reach its newly-fetishised state of sapphic domination, The Duke of Burgundy starts to reveal its intent.

Duality, ambiguity and repetition slowly expose the overwhelming decadence of Strickland’s atmospheric content. Though erotica may launch at the half-experienced ideal, love comes through the whole and flawed.

The Duke of Burgundy thrillingly utilises passion and form as developing rivals. There’s a state beyond mere overindulgence, and Strickland’s found it.



CAST: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Chiara D’Anna, Monica Swinn

DIRECTOR: Peter Strickland

WRITERS: Peter Strickland

SYNOPSIS: A lesbian couple engages in BDSM sexual play at the cost of intimacy.