Featuring near every children’s tale trope, The House of Magic possesses little imagination beyond a slight fusion of Toy Story and Over the Hedge. Sassy chihuahuas emit crude one-liners, fat people fall over, and men get hit in the crotch. With charm merely being assumed through the use of sentient objects, The House of Magic succeeds only in the obviousness of its purported formula.

As a film that relies nearly entirely on gimmicks, The House of Magic rarely misses a chance to 3D its way onto the screen  – which more often than not results in total derailment.

A House of Magic may satisfy children, but the rest of the family has seen it all before – and seen much better.



CAST: Cinda Adams, Edward Asner, George Babbit

DIRECTOR: Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen

WRITERS: Ben Stassen, Dominic Paris, James Flynn

SYNOPSIS: A cat searches for a new home, eventually finding refuge in the home of an elderly magician.