The dusty world of fossil digs might seem boring, but Dinosaur 13 is a documentary that gives heart to those weathered bones.

You’re drawn in by the passion and excitement of Pete Larson & co. as they discover the most complete T. Rex fossil in history, then left quietly devastated as it’s taken away from them.

Their care and good intentions mean nothing against two-faced profiteering and FBI bureaucracy and you’re left demanding justice for these amateur paleontologist underdogs.

Dinosaur 13 is shot beautifully, with recreations complementing archive footage and interviews, but it’s the people at its heart that make it shine.

Provoking outrage at injustice, Dinosaur 13 is an emotional and inspiring watch for any viewer.



CAST: Pete Larson, Kristin Donnan, Neil Larson, Bill Harlan, Bob Farrar, Susan Hendrickson

DIRECTOR: Todd Douglas Miller

SYNOPSIS: Pete Larson and his team make the dinosaur discovery of a lifetime, but when the FBI, National Guard and Native Americans try to claim it from them, they face a battle for their fossils and their freedom.