Under the Electric Sky is a ridiculous film which exhibits ridiculous people.

Shot during 2013’s Electric Daisy Carnival it offers zero accessibility and little of interest to anyone not already associated with rave culture. The interviewees’ thrashing one-finger salute might as be their middle ones, aimed squarely at the rest of us.

The masquerade of being a ‘documentary’ makes this a problem. This film isn’t a documentary. It’s a concert movie, and an absurdly mawkish one at that.

Under the Electric Sky could have been a genuinely interesting social-anthropological documentary. Instead it’s a glittery exercise in masturbation.

You know those detestable anecdotes that conclude with, “I guess you had to be there!”? Imagine that running for 85 minutes. Now imagine it’s filmed in bad 3D. You’ve just imagined Under the Electric Sky. Avoid.



DIRECTORS: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz

SYNOPSIS: A documentary about the 2013’s Electric Daisy Carnival.