Filmed like an extended commercial for GoPro cameras, Getaway will likely only raise eyebrows this year because of its un-coveted status as one of 2013’s biggest turkeys.

It doesn’t deserve that.

It doesn’t deserve much better, admittedly, but rollicking B-movie charm and copious plotholes make for an often hilarious run-of-the-mill ride.

Yet, like a shark, the film struggles to stay alive when motionless – the middle third dips until Solomon remembers exposition can take place at 100mph – and the excessive jump-cuts remove much of the tension. But really, it’s best not to think too hard.

Hawke seemingly didn’t.

A film built for cliché bingo, Getaway isn’t so much Drive Angry as Drive Confused; how can Ethan Hawke make this dross so entertaining? How did Selena Gomez wind up here on the way back from Spring Breakers, spouting “asshole” every five minutes?



CAST: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez

DIRECTOR: Courtney Solomon

WRITERS: Sean Finegan, Gregg Maxwell Parker

SYNOPSIS: Former racing driver Brent Magna is called upon to complete a series of tasks at high speed if he wishes to see his wife again. Unwittingly, he must do so in the car of a banker’s daughter who is soon along for the ride.