Depicting the untold stories of forgotten figures from history, Parkland utilises an ensemble cast to explore how JFK’s assassination impacted on everyday lives.

Although lacking the cinematic flair of Oliver Stone’s JFK, it is not without merit. Small, fascinating details – such as the difficulties loading the President’s coffin onto Air Force One – create some emotive sequences, while Jacki Weaver and James Badge Dale deliver standout performances as Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother and brother, respectively.

However, the overuse of handheld cameras soon becomes irritating, and in attempting to cover so many stories the film foregoes rich characterisation and ultimately feels unsatisfying.

What might have made a terrific television series is instead a mediocre – if historically interesting – film.

Rating: 3/5



CAST: Jacki Weaver, James Badge Dale, Paul Giamatti, Zac Efron, Ron Livingston, Billy Bob Thornton

DIRECTOR: Peter Landesman

WRITER: Peter Landesman

SYNOPSIS: Set over the four days following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the film explores the impact of the ensuing chaos on a range of characters.

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