Gabriel LaBelle in his lead breakout role takes on the challenge of playing Sammy Fabelman, an aspiring filmmaker based on Steven Spielberg, in the highly anticipated semi-autobiographical film, The Fabelmans, written and directed by Spielberg himself. This film also features Mitzi (Michelle Williams) and Burt Fabelman (Paul Dano) as Sammy’s parents along with Burt’s best friend, Bennie (Seth Rogan).

This deeply personal memoir serves as a love letter to film, but also to family, and it’s here where the magic lies and sets The Fabelmans apart. This story, though set in post-World War II Arizona, feels timeless. Sammy falls in love with the art of filmmaking at a young age and as we witness this excitement for film through his lens, our own love and hope for the craft is reignited despite the continual reminder of the hardships that come along with it, much like the relationships with those closest to us. And isn’t that what film is supposed to do? 

LaBelle has big shoes to fill and does so successfully and with such ease. It’s a joy to watch him on screen with the way he perfectly captures the emotional whirlwind of growing up and of having a passion for something and being unable to live without it. The scenes he’s in opposite Williams will absolutely take your breath away, but even the most painful scenes are infused with moments of levity that never feel cheap but instead are very true to real life.

It’s clear that Spielberg had to make this film for himself above all else and there’s something special about witnessing something so personal. The Fabelmans is an incredibly affecting coming-of-age tale that’s also laugh-out-loud funny thanks to the talent brought together on-screen as well as the collaboration between Spielberg and Tony Kushner on the screenplay.



CAST: Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Gabriel LaBelle, Jeannie Berlin, Julia Butters, Robin Bartlett, Keeley Karsten, Judd Hirsch

DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg

WRITERS: Steven Spielberg, Tony Kushner

SYNOPSIS: Spielberg’s most personal film yet is based on the director’s childhood passion for moviemaking and the family dynamics that found their way into his work.