For a generation of millennials to this day still finding unaccounted for scars in every nook and cranny of their body, the mere mention of Jackass brings back memories of teenage summers where a hedge was seen as something to jump in, rather than something to preen. Whether you spent your time pranking customers of the local Tesco, or throwing yourself off whatever rickety apparatus you could find, content was key and second only to the stunts; you had to get the shot and the battery well-charged – as it turns out, it takes responsibility to be so reckless.

Throughout the first few years of the 21st century, when YouTube was but a twinkle in the Internet’s eye, MTV ruled supreme and for a subsection of kids raised on punk-o-rama CDs and skate videos, Jackass appeared as the perfect antidote to the sleepy town they’d grown tired of. Sure, us Brits had Dirty Sanchez, but four portly Welsh blokes were never going to match up to the uber-cool American motley crew led by Johnny Knoxville, a man who looked like a maniacal James Dean while smacking seven shades of shit out of himself.

Despite the unashamedly lewd subject matter, the enduring appeal of Jackass and its cast will always be due to the genuine heart the show had. So with the release of the Knoxville-starring Action Point due this weekend, a film which also features Party Boy himself Chris Pontius, what better time to revisit some of the film series’ most wonderfully perverse and deliciously irresponsible moments.

10: Golf Cart Antics

A classic staple of the TV show updated for their first feature, using carts like if they were entrants in a destruction derby coupled with a skit where they rile players with an airhorn, they give a convincing argument that golf is the least fun thing you can do out on the links.

9: Jet Engine Stunt

If we’re talking pure aesthetics, there are few funnier skits than the jet engine scene. Seeing Ryan Dunn thrown from his armchair by is one of the more memorable of Jackass first foray into 3D.

8: Terror Taxi

Safe to say, this wasn’t one of the gang’s subtler moments and one that time has absolutely not been kind to – but there’s no way that a skit set up to ridicule Danger Ehren isn’t making this list. Despite the scene’s complex to-ing and fro-ing, its pièce de résistance is the moment Ehren realises his beard is made from a collection of the crew’s pubic hair, absolutely divine *chef’s kiss*.

7: April’s Alligator

Hopefully a break from the series has given April a well earned rest, but no list would be complete without an appearance from Bam Margera’s long suffering Mum. To fans, her screams here are as iconic as Janet Leigh’s in Psycho and a spot in this list is the least she deserves.

6: Poo Cocktail Surprise

It was surely a joyful day at Jackass HQ when they realised they had the means to attach a portaloo (heavily soiled, it must be said) to a bungee catapult. We don’t need to say any more here, just click play below.

5: High Five

With Jackass, the simple stunts are often the best and you don’t get much better than a mechanically-operated, comedically-sized cartoon hand. Despite the fact we’re watching a papier mache appendage swat at the cast as they enter their offices, the MVP of the scene is Wee Man whose immortal words “high five!” give way to an almighty flour-packed whack to poor Bam Margera that knocks him into the middle of next week.

4: The Electric Stool

Life on set must’ve been rife with off-screen pranks and high blood pressure but this is no better visualised than when Wee Man is led to believe he’s being hit by a man throwing playing cards. Conspiracy theories abound but he misses the fact the chair’s rigged with an electric charge and despite thinking he’s worked it out “oh, I get it! There’s a card-throwing machine” turns out to be the funniest line in Jackass history.

3: Beehive Limo

Potentially the best set up for a stunt in the history of the show. Believed to be making their way to a photo shoot, Steve-O, Wee Man, Dave England and Ryan’s limo ride gets a sudden influx of angry bees though it’s an escape made harder by hundreds of marbles that really stings.

2: The Toro Totter

The most genuinely terrifying stunt the boys committed to film taps into a truly primal fear as it pits Johnny, Bam, Pontius and Ryan against a bull seemingly hopped up on ‘roids. What starts as a jovial play on the totters quickly descends into something a lot less fun and when Johnny looks to be pinned against a mechanism, the relief he experiences following  his escape is palpable.

1: Toy Car Butt X-Ray (Jackass: The Movie)

The de facto choice, the Citizen Kane of Jackass scenes – whether it be fans or the cast themselves this is the one that you’ll hear mentioned by everybody. Originally meant to be performed by Steve-O, the premise takes a whole new life in the hands (butt?) of Ryan Dunn. Even with such a stupidly juvenile idea it’s testament to Dunn’s naive authenticity that this is somehow Jackass‘ sweetest, most genuine zenith. Perfectly encapsulating what made this series from a ragtag bunch of misfits so absurdly brilliant from the start.