At long last, DC’s second ensemble stab at an extended universe movie is here! As our writer Joni wrote in his review, “The DC Extended Universe has taken quite a beating“, critically and commercially, on its way to putting Justice League together. But can it possibly be any worse than Suicide Squad?

For Joni, it’s a yes. He was less than impressed, calling Zack Snyder’s third directorial effort for the franchise “a steaming pile of nonsense“. But what do the rest of our writers think?

Gal Gadot

Courtesy of: Warner Bros.

Jack – 2/5

Expectation is a weird thing. With a few films, I’ve been overhyped, only to be inevitably let down when they can’t live up to my unrealistic hopes. Justice League is the exact opposite. I went in expecting, and quite excited about, a flailing, inept calamity and ended up disappointed by my lack of disappointment. A boring, ugly, and pervy mess, but still basically functional. Ezra Miller’s Flash is fun enough, and I found Ray Fisher’s Cyborg surprisingly engaging. It’s dogged by an atrocious villain and thudding sense of pointlessness, but can’t match Suicide Squad in terms of being outright disastrous.

James – 3/5

There’s too much slo-mo, there’s way too much CGI and a jarring sexualisation of Wonder Woman and the Amazons is disappointing. Justice League certainly has these (and other) flaws, but they’re not fatal. And do Joss Whedon’s reshoots and Superman’s top lip really ruin the film? No.

DC have delivered a more tightly-plotted movie that’s fun and at times funny. Flash and Aquaman are welcome additions (jury’s out on Cyborg), though WW and Batman feel underused. There’s potential laid out here for an improved sequel and stand-alones, but history may only prove kind to Justice League if that’s achieved.

Ben Affleck

Courtesy of: Warner Bros.

Katy – 4/5

Justice League is not a perfect movie. Like most superhero releases in recent years, it suffers from a forgettable villain and an over-reliance on CGI. But go in with an open heart and you’ll be rewarded with a fun, action-packed movie, filled with humour and heart and endearing heroes (Cyborg, if you’re reading this, I love you). Crack open your cold, stony hearts and don’t try and quell the giddy excitement that accompanies seeing the full team line-up together at last. Take my hand and together we’ll enjoy Aquaman surfing an alien down that building. Let love in.

David – 2/5

Justice League is not the worst film of the superhero genre, the year, or this month. No doubt it is still a mishandled, muddled, and disappointing movie.

Much like the much-maligned 50 Shades series, there was hope that this big-budget David would defy the expectation Goliaths. Well, Gal Gadot is a shining light of quality, and Ezra Miller’s take on The Flash was a fun one. The issue lies in the absence of a soul. The bangs entertain, but there’s nothing to cling onto. Equations and numbers do not a good movie make. There must be a heart. Bring on Wonder Woman 2.