Does anyone else feel like it’s a bit too early for Christmas films? After all, we’ve not even had Bonfire Night and already our senses are being affronted by obnoxious light displays and the usual family feuds so common in films released at this time of year.

So maybe we can blame this mistiming for the fact that A Bad Moms Christmas hasn’t quite hit the mark. Or perhaps it’s because what we have here is yet another case of a sequel that no one was asking for, and really doesn’t have anything new to say. Either way, the result is a festive romp that feels wildly out of place, and sadly doesn’t even live up to the mediocrity of the original.

Over the top and self-pitying, it’s difficult to feel sorry for the eponymous mothers when their complaints appear to be unfounded for the most part. Factor in their endlessly supportive partners, and it’s increasingly difficult to see what these people are moaning about – problematic when the whole premise of the film is these downtrodden mothers railing against the system and “taking back Christmas.”

Let’s be fair here – there are a few (internal) laughs to be had. There’s no denying the comedic chops of our cast – Kunis, Bell and Hahn have always felt somewhat wasted in this franchise, as do their ‘mothers’ the second time round. But sadly, even Baranski’s impeccable comic timing wasn’t enough to save this unnecessary sequel.

Whilst Bad Moms Christmas does, admittedly, have some stand out comedic moments, unfortunately they’re largely overshadowed by crass stripper sets and overused Christmas clichés. If all you’re looking to do is disengage your brain for a few hours, this might just do the trick. For anyone else, you’ll more likely be irritated by this self-obsessed trifle of a film.



CAST: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn

DIRECTORS: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

WRITERS: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

SYNOPSIS: Three under-appreciated and over-burdened women rebel against the challenges and expectations of Christmas.