There have been plenty of films over the years that prove, time and again, that nothing good ever comes from a walk in the woods (at least not in the film world). If you want to discover an evil supernatural force or a dead body, woods are the place to go.

Writer and director Mirrah Foulkes uses this unnerving feeling to full force in Trespass, a film that follows a woman (Rachel, played by Maya Stange) on a walk with her dog in a beautiful part of the Australian bush. All appears tranquil and serene until she discovers a young woman called Laura (Sara West), who has apparently been involved in some kind of domestic dispute. It’s not at all clear what has happened, but Rachel feels she must return to try and find out more.

Everything about the situation and isolated nature of the woods induces a feeling of real nervousness. At first glance it’s a beautiful place filled with bird song, but you soon realise that Rachel is completely exposed and helpless, even with her dog at her side. As she struggles along uneven ground and up steep banks, it becomes clear she is getting out of her depth.

Trespass may feature only the sparsest of dialogue, but it manages to evoke a lot of questions; the main one being when (if ever) is the right time to offer help and support to a complete stranger? Will it always be welcomed, or could it further exacerbate a violent situation? The uneasiness and trepidation that Rachel exudes when she approaches the young girl makes you want to scream at her to run away.

A unique and clever short film that takes you right out of your comfort zone, Trespass will linger in the back of your mind for some time afterwards.

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CAST: Maya Stange, Sara West

DIRECTOR: Mirrah Foulkes

WRITER: Mirrah Foulkes

SYNOPSIS: A woman walking her dog in the bush has a disturbing encounter with a young girl.