1. Netflix acquires Millarworld

Much like one of its biggest, hittest shows, it’s been a world of ups and downs for Netflix. Yup, we’re talking about you, Flaked. The up is most certainly the company’s acquisition of Millarworld, “the comic book publishing powerhouse founded by Mark Millar.” According to a press release from the streaming service, Netflix has acquired the rights to Millar’s portfolio of “critically and fan-acclaimed character franchises” with an eye to adapting them into film and TV for many years to come. Millar, of course, being the creator of Kick-Ass and Wanted, as well as the general Avengers: Civil War and Old Man Logan storyline. According to Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos: “we look forward to creating new Netflix Originals from several existing franchises”. Millar and his publishing house will continue to work on properties new and old between now and the time they become unprofitable.

2. Hail Milla Jovovich, your Blood Queen

Blood for the Blood Queen! Skulls for her skull throne! The former is important, the latter depends on the latest round of script changes. Either way, Milla Jovovich is the in final talks to play the Blood Queen in Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot. Deadline has the story which, if confirmed, would see the Resident Evil actor join David Harbour and Ian McShane in the swift-moving project. Really, it better slow down a little though. The film is currently having 2 Guns’ producer and A Town Called Eureka creator Andrew Crosby script the latest draft of what is now just called Hellboy.

3. Them wacky Guardians are at it again

The promo for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is… unusual. Why is a film that set in 2014 promoted with a ’70s disco jam? I mean, what are we, to believe that this is some kind of magic ’70s jam? Yes. Any music video that combines David Hasselhoff, a be-permed and shirtless Dave Bautista rocking an electric guitar and both Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan showing off their moves is alright by us. Ostensibly, this is to promote the film’s release on Blu-ray and DVD. Really, it just makes us happy.

4. How about some more Hunger Games or Twilight, folks?

Proving that “we’re not out of ideas, you’re out of ideas,” Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer dropped strong hints this week that the studio is keen to get back into the YA business. During a quarterly earnings call, Feltheimer admitted that “there are a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them when our creators are ready to tell those stories.” Unsurprisingly, Variety (among other publications) has interpreted this as a sign that the Hunger Games and Twilight franchises, by far the studio’s biggest earners in recent times, could return. One YA franchise that likely won’t return to the big screen, however, is Divergent. It seems like the fourth and final instalment of the franchise will instead find a home on the Starz TV network.  

5. Ruth Negga joins Brad Pitt’s space exploration flick

Brad Pitt and James Gray’s upcoming sci-fi collaboration, Ad Astra, has itself another cast member. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Loving actor Ruth Negga has signed onto the sci-fi flick. No details have been released about Negga’s role and, considering the plot sees Pitt journey into space to probably find his father, Tommy Lee Jones, Negga could play anything. Hell, Negga can play anything. So when Ad Astra launches sometime in 2019 and Negga is covered in prosthetics to play a wisecracking alien mechanic, or all-CGI’d to play a wistful neutron star, you’ll know we warned you. Gray is directing the feature from a script he co-wrote with sometime Fringe writer Ethan Gross. We’re yet to know a release date.

6. Hello Goodbye Christopher Robin

You all know the story of Winnie-the-Pooh! Whimsical bear, cheeky chirpy piglet, loving kangaroo and her son – it’s a family favourite. Of course, this conveniently ignores the shellshock, the piles of corpses and the unspeakable horrors of war. But presumably that was in the appendices or something. Never fear, the trailer for Goodbye Christopher Robin promises to remind us of all those parts. Directed by My Week with Marilyn’s Simon Curtis, Goodbye sees Domhnall Gleeson’s A.A. Milne take inspiration from his son’s life to craft his best-known work. Margot Robbie, Kelly Macdonald and Phoebe Waller-Bridge also star and it’s out in the UK on October 13. Handy.

7. Disney not renewing Netflix relationship

While Netflix has successfully conquered Millarworld, its forces have had to withdraw from The Magic Kingdom. Indeed, Tuesday saw Disney reach a monumental decision in its House of Mousehold; they have decided to cancel their Netflix subscription. Instead, the studio is going to launch its own streaming service in 2019, meaning that any Pixar or Disney-branded content will likely make its home-cinema debut on the studio’s own platform when the time comes. What this means for Disney or Marvel properties is unclear; presumably it depends on how successful the service proves. However, the chances of future Star Wars or Avengers properties finding themselves exclusive to Disney’s program is certainly greater than it once was.