1. Jimmy Kimmel is komming to host The Oscars

Mr. Jimmy Kimmel is our host for the 2017 Academy Awards. Honestly though, this is not an announcement to overwhelm us with feelings of any kind; Kimmel is a safe pair of hands to guide us through the lengthy three hour ceremony. He’s got nothing to lose, as a TV host, because he can simply slide back into his role as a smiley, non-controversial chat show host no matter how well or terribly this goes. Really, this marks something of a smart move from the Academy following the likes of Seth MacFarlane and Chris Rock not really hitting the youthful home run they were hoping for. With Kimmel, you get security and safety; that’s no bad thing. [via Variety]

2. Warner Bros. plan for Aquaman to make a big splash in late-2018

According to Variety, Aquaman is going to give us a wave on October 5, 2018; that’s the date Warner Bros. have set for Jason Momoa’s standalone bow as The Marine Marvel. Of course, we’ll get our first proper look at a sub-aquatic Momoa in the in the upcoming Justice League flick on November 17, 2017 but his standalone bow will see him caught between the pull of the oh-so-dangerous surface world and the undersea Atlanteans he finds himself ruling. Also starring Amber Heard and Willem Dafoe, the James Wan-directed film is set to start shooting next year but, really, when has that ever meant a DC film has stayed on target?

3. Come on, bae, watch this

Although we live an era of high-speed internet and all the possibilities such an advancement brings, Paramount have determined that people still need a Baywatch movie after all. And though Pamela Anderson prophesied that it would be the first film to be shot entirely in slow motion, it looks like she was only half right. In the non-slowed down parts, we can make out that Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario and Rob Huebel must restore the Baywatch brand: enter Olympic medallist Zac Efron and, unrelated, a dead body that push these lifeguards into some death investigating.

4. Damian Lewis ready to dive into Ocean’s Eight

The upcoming Ocean’s Eight picture looks to have managed to snag its villain—presumably thanks to a humorous, zinger-laden heist. Variety is reporting that Damian Lewis is set to join the project as Sandra Bullock’s ex-lover who soon finds himself a target for the octet’s caper. Lewis has been spotted on set for a number of weeks and Variety’s sources have confirmed that the Wolf Hall and Homeland star has a more substantial role than previously thought. Gary Ross is directing from a script co-written with Olivia Milch with a look towards a June 8, 2018 release date.

5. Luke Evans’ Dracula will remain untold

It’s the franchise we’ve all been waiting for…? With Tom Cruise running, running, running, into the box office with The Mummy next summer to kickstart Universal’s ‘Monster Cinematic Universe’. Alas, there’s one individual not invited to the party. Sadly, the legendary fanged Welshman will not be joining the franchise following Luke Evans’ Dracula Untold flopping in rather unspectacular fashion. Sadly it was a damp squib from beginning to end, with no-one truly caring, in the past or the present, about the film’s existence. So if this franchise actually gets going, there’s a juicy role waiting for some actor to get his teeth into. Because it’s Dracula. Get it? Hilarious. [via ScreenRant]

6. But Tom Cruise’s Mummy is here

Is Tom Cruise Hollywood’s last superstar? Whatever you think of his private life, Tom Cruise is a man who can deliver thrills and spills unlike any other. We’re tremendous fans of the Mission Impossible series, and so we’ll give anything he’s in a go. Sure, our hearts still yearn for Brendan Fraser (and for him to have some form of career in this decade!) but heck, like we say, bring on another fun summer blockbuster.

7. Will Ferrell’s sporting exploits see him take on screen glare & carpal tunnel

Will Ferrell, the sportsman, has nearly done it all. He’s been a NASCAR driver, a football coach, an ice skater, the player-coach-owner of the a basketball team for some reason… But now, at the sprightly age of 49, Ferrell is set to take on a slightly more contemporary activity: competitive gaming. With a script written by Spongebob Squarepants 3 co-scribes Michael Kvamme and Jordan Dunn, Ferrell’s eSports comedy sees his middle-aged prodigy becoming a competitive gaming sensation after harnessing his exceptional hand-eye coordination. Hijinks will likely occur. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

8. Dreamworks not quite ready to get started on How To Train Your Dragon 3

Back in the long, long ago it looked like DreamWorks were keen to have How To Train Your Dragon 3 fly into cinemas for June this very year. If you remember, it was first pushed back to 2017, and then to 2018 but now it looks like the studio want to give the project even more time, pencilling the project in for March 1, 2019 – just one week before the Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel hits screens. Collider reports that such moving and shaking is probably the result of the restructuring process at DreamWorks rather than any project-specific trouble – the company has reorganised its scheduling structure and cut staff of late – and the “culmination of Hiccup’s coming of age” will win out eventually, according to returning director Dean Delois. [via Collider]

9. The Guardians are ready to share their most embarrassing secrets with us

Throughout the new trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2, Sweet may melodically affirm that “I don’t wanna know your name, ‘cause you don’t look the same – the way you did before” but don’t worry, the lyrics aren’t particularly apt. For Vol. 2 does look very similar to Vol. 1, it’s just that now there’s an unmistakably adorable Baby Groot in the mix that is sure to sell millions upon millions of tree-like plushies. And with good reason. GOTGV2 hits UK cinemas April 28, next year.

10. It looks like a new director is ready to enroll in the 21 Jump Street program

Deadline is reporting that Rodney Rothman, a director who is absolutely not the alter ego of some obscure supervillain, has been tapped to write the script and potentially direct Sony Pictures’ 21 Jump Street spin-off. Alas, the concept is not one of the ideas floated in 22 Jump Street’s credits but rather an all-new project with two new female cops ready to take the lead. Rothman is pretty well-versed  in Jump Street lore, having co-written 22 Jump Street, and his previous projects include as well as the surprisingly entertaining Grudge Match and the surprisingly awful Get Him To The Greek. So along with the sun and the gun, the jury’s out.

– SON & DB