Welcome To This House is a carefully crafted portrayal of the flawed poet, Elizabeth Bishop.

When you consider that this is a snapshot into the life of Bishop, it’s surprising how much insight we gain into this complex and problematic character. At a runtime of just 79 minutes, Hammer precisely chooses every image to demonstrate an aspect of the poet’s life, using everything in her arsenal to give us an understanding of who this woman was.

With intimate interviews, contrasted against Bishop’s own poetry, Hammer achieves her goal of demonstrating the lifelong struggle to find a sense of belonging.

Whilst WTTH sometimes feels at risk of slipping into self-indulgence, this doesn’t detract from the fact that it is completely engaging, and one you certainly won’t forget for a while.



DIRECTOR: Barbara Hammer

WRITER: Barbara Hammer

SYNOPSIS: An insight into the life of Pulitzer prize winning poet, Elizabeth Bishop, and the intricacies of lesbian life.