What if God were alive and living with his dysfunctional family in Brussels? The Brand New Testament answers this question and raises many more with its whip-smart and hilarious satire on religion, morality and human nature.

Deep, multi-faceted characters with engaging hopes and desires are the key here as Ea (the wonderfully brassy newcomer Groyne) explores Brussels, recruiting her misfit band of apostles.

The Brand New Testament deftly blends its many styles of comedy into an effortless signature style, as slapstic, meta, and the esoteric make comfortable bedfellows. Offbeat surrealism and episodic structuring means there is never a dull moment.

Weird, wonderful, and with plenty of soul, The Brand New Testament  shows that a simple idea – and a little chutzpah – can go a very long way.



CAST: Pili Groyne, Benoît Poelvoorde, Catherine Deneuve, Yolande Moreau, Laura Verlinden, François Damiens

DIRECTOR: Jaco Van Dormael

WRITERS: Jaco Van Dormael, Thomas Gunzig

SYNOPSIS: Comedy. Sick of her father, God’s daughter Ea (Groyne) runs away from home and sets about recruiting apostles to preach her own New Testament.

The Brand New Testament was screened as part of the Laugh Gala at the 2015 London Film Festival.