The silence and sprawling landscapes in Magnus Von Horn’s debut feature make for a fairly interesting dissection of what happens after an event, rather than the event itself.

Examining masculinity and patrilineal families, Von Horn deftly directs our attention to the corners of the story. Whilst this makes for an intriguing narrative tool, it doesn’t convince the viewer to empathise with this young boy who has killed his girlfriend, as is clearly intended.

As character drama goes this is an incredibly slow burning one, that unloads what it’s saying so slowly it feels like it isn’t speaking at all.

Interesting things to say told in a not-so-interesting way, The Here After loses its audience in its pace and empathy for a murderer.



CAST: Ulrik Munther, Mats Blomgren, Alexander Nordgren, Wiesław Komasa

DIRECTOR: Magnus Von Horn

WRITER: Magnus Von Horn 

SYNOPSIS: After finishing his prison sentence for the murder of his girlfriend, John (Ulrik Munther) goes back to his old life and attempts to slip back into a community unhappy about his return.

A preview screening of The Here After was kindly provided by Soda Pictures and Lava Films.