Marguerite is a true comedy, one with emotional downbeats which match the high notes in strength and imbued with that unique French quality, the je ne sais quoi.

Frot delivers a pitch-perfect performance as the divinely off-key Marguerite; bravely singing as badly as she must, powerfully conveying the fragility of her outwardly confident character.

The fight for artistic and personal liberté forms the bass-line, and as director Giannoli lets us peek behind the curtain of Marguerite’s sumptuously realised life, the supporting chorus add their amusing (whilst often abusing) voices – with the curtain call reserved for Mpunga’s mischievous manservant Madelbos.

Frot is Marguerite, and Marguerite is Frot – her central rendition is the extraordinary performance of a lifetime, capturing the beauty and innocence behind the voice of a peacock.



CAST: Catherine Frot, André Marcon, Michel Fau, Denis Mpunga

DIRECTOR: Xavier Giannoli

WRITERS: Xavier Giannoli, Marcia Romano

SYNOPSIS:  Marguerite (Frot) seeks the courage she needs to follow her dream – to perform in front of a real audience – without knowing that her enthusiastic singing is terribly out of tune.

A preview screening of Marguerite was kindly provided by Picturehouse Entertainment.