We’re no stranger to the religious extremism that plagues Pakistan, but Among the Believers succeeds in efficiently cutting through any confusion we may have around what the ‘Red Mosque’ stands for.

The documentary’s main focus is the lives of two Pakistani children raised by opposing forces of the unrest, and it is here that we become emotionally engaged with its subject.

This is a shrewd analysis of the institution, and Among the Believers manages to candidly and unbiasedly portray the indoctrination of thousands of children, whilst also showing how easy it can be to rationalise their radical views.

This isn’t Friday night viewing, and there’s certainly nothing groundbreaking here, but if you’re interested in gaining insight into the rationale of Jihadism, this should certainly be a pitstop.



DIRECTORS: Mohammed Naqvi, Hemal Trivedi

WRITER: Jonathan Goodman Levitt

SYNOPSIS: An insight into the radical school Red Mosque, that demonstrates the growth of religious fundamentalism in Pakistan.

A preview screening of Among the Believers was kindly provided by Bertha DocHouse and Manjusha Films.