Welcome to what will be a new staple weekly feature for One Room With A View. That’s it, ORWAV is doing the news – film news, that is, none of this real life crap. You lucky buggers, you. Here’s the rundown: every Friday we will produce a compilation of the week’s major news events that pertain to the world of film. Each week you should expect a medley of the dizzying highs and inevitable lows that the only news that matters (to us, anyway) provides. So strap yourself in for this week in film.

The Weekly Report

All news contained herein corresponds to the world of film. The Weekly Report will seek to cover general film news that has emerged over the last seven days.

  • Sundance – The main winners won’t be announced until the weekend but Sundance 2016 has been busy producing several big-hitters that’ll be worth remembering as the Oscars roll around next year. Chief among those is Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation, the tale of a former slave who leads a posse to free slaves in Virginia in 1831. Fox Searchlight Pictures paid a staggering $17.5million for the film; this is one to keep your eyes on. Elsewhere, Kenneth Lonergan’s third feature Manchester By The Sea has been snapped up by Amazon for $10million; the film has garnered rave reviews, a fact that no doubt helped bolster its hefty price tag. Netflix, too, have managed to walk away with a few features worth watching out for; Tallulah starring Ellen Page and The Fundamentals of Caring starring Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd have been poached by the streaming giant with an eye for a 2016 release. Check back next week for more on Sundance 2016.
  • The PGAs – Just in case this Oscar race wasn’t already giving bookies everywhere a nervous breakdown, the Producers Guild of America’s only gone and thrown a big spanner into the works. Adam McKay’s Wall Street ensemble The Big Short went and won the main prize ahead of current frontrunners Spotlight and The Reverent. If it’s not bad enough that Adam ‘Anchorman’ McKay’s less brilliant if funnier redo of J.C. Chandor’s Margin Call stole a directing nomination from Todd ‘Carol’ Haynes, there is now the added possibility that the director of fucking Step Brothers might walk off with a Best Picture Oscar to boot! It’s worth noting that many of the voters for the PGAs are the same voters who will vote for the Best Picture Oscar. Hell, we’ll take any of them over The Big Short. #NoOscarsForMcKay
  • #OscarsSoWhite – Speaking of Oscar related hashtags, none is more important right now than #OscarsSoWhite – just check out Variety’s latest cover. #OscarsSoWhite is a call to arms for the Academy, Hollywood more generally, and the U.S. as a nation to address the issues of diversity that plague each of them. Following a boycott of the ceremony from industry royalty such as Spike Lee and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, not to mention the heated debate that has surrounded the Academy’s nomination of only white actors and actresses, it is clear that these issues of diversity must be addressed. Despite being asked to show solidarity with the boycott and step down as presenter by some, host Chris Rock has indicated instead that he plans to use his post as a platform for bringing some of these issues to light. The 88th Academy Awards will take place on 28th February, and we’ll be providing live coverage of the entire event.


The Birth Of A Nation

Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation scores big at Sundance. Courtesy of: Fox Searchlight

What’s Hot

Dealing with those projects in production, this is where to come to find out what has been greenlit, what major casting decisions have been announced, what century we can expect Avatar 2 in, and any other related film news.

  • Woody Allen – Having joined the ranks of the streaming auteurs, a storied ensemble that counts the venerable Adam Sandler as its figurehead, Woody Allen has made his first major casting decisions for his upcoming Amazon series: himself, and Miley Cyrus. In 2015, Deadline reported that Allen regretted the huge step out of his comfort zone that the Amazon deal presented but, in casting himself, the industry institution is steadfastly crawling into the embrace of familiarity. Unless the show is about him battling evil space aliens or something – which could be where Miley Cyrus comes in.
  • Blade Runner 2 – Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel has officially been picked up for worldwide distribution by Sony Pictures International (Warner Bros. will handle North American responsibilities), seemingly confirming that the long-gestating project is a goer. Villeneuve is joined in front of the camera by Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling and behind it by cinematographer Roger Deakins and a host of salivating execs; script duties have fallen to Hampton Fancher and Michael Green – speaking of which…
  • Wolverine 3 – That which will never die (apparent enthusiasm for another Wolverine film) reared its head again this week when Jackman was asked by Collider about his next, and apparently final, outing as the clawed one. His response was relatively revealing: “it’s not finished, but we’re getting super close – as you can see by the rate of my facial hair… Yeah, it’s sooner rather than later.” Due to arrive in early March 2017, Wolverin3, as it will inevitably find itself dubbed, can count James Mangold on board to direct and that man Michael Green down as writer. Jackman’s facial hair was unavailable for comment.
  • Marvel – As one superhero fades into the vastness of time for at least a few years before being rebooted with extra attitude and some light rastafying, another several thousand emerge into the light. Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted this week, in conversation with the BBC, that Marvel films, with their “thousands and thousands of characters” could essentially “go on forever”. With Phase 3 of Marvel’s global domination project beginning this year – Captain America: Civil War will start proceedings – Iger doesn’t look wrong in the short-term. So look out 2118, Rocket Racer 3: The Legend of Racer’s Rockets could be skating its way into an 5D omniplex near you!


In Memory Of…

Hopefully this won’t be necessary each week, but on those sad occasions that the film world loses a treasured talent, you can stop here to read the final word on their legacy.


  • Abe Vigoda – Perhaps as well known for the numerous premature reports of his death – dating all the way back to 1982 – as for his consistent work in the industry, Abe Vigoda, the Godfather actor and star of ABC sitcom Barney Miller, died Tuesday 26 January at the age of 94. As well as his celebrated turn as Salvatore Tessio in The Godfather, Vigoda applied his hangdog expression and unmistakable voice to memorable performances in Joe Versus The Volcano, Look Who’s Talking, Good Burger and dozens of other features, shows and theatrical performances. Later in his career, Vigoda remained recognisable for his numerous cameos on late night talk shows and his commercial work. He is survived by his daughter, three grandchildren and a great-grandson, but sadly not by the punk band named after him.


Trailers of the Week

Want to know what you should be excited about this week? This is the place to come to check out the week’s best trailers and related items including clips, TV spots, and teasers.

This week we have two new TV spots for a small, upcoming indie release called Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Just kidding. DC’s epic encounter is almost upon us. Whose side are you on? Ben Affleck is starting to prove his mettle as Bruce Wayne in a teaser that hints at the anger that drives him. Be sure to let us know your thoughts.

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Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – Superman TV Spot

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – Batman TV Spot

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