The hardest punch in Ip Man 3 is the sucker on an audience that was promised Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee.

Instead, more attention is given to the relationship between Ip Man and his wife Wing-sing. Some may feel cheated, but the chemistry between Yen and Hung has always been underappreciated in these films, so it’s great that it takes centre stage here.

Unfortunately this narrative competes with perfunctory plotlines that make for an unfocused film. The fight scenes remedy this though, and despite an overreliance on slow motion and closeups, the action remains both exciting and imaginative.

Tyson and Lee are barely in it, the plot is uneven, but great action with an emotional core ultimately makes for a decent end to Wilson Yip’s trilogy.



CAST: Donnie Yen, Lynn Hung, Jin Zhang, Mike Tyson, Kwok-Kwan Chan

DIRECTOR: Wilson Yip

WRITERS: Lai-yin Leung, Chan Tai-Li, Edmond Wong

SYNOPSIS:Loosely based on the life of Bruce Lee’s mentor, Ip Man 3 sees the legendary fighter taking on the criminal underworld of 1950s Hong Kong. At the same time he must deal with a new rival using his wing chung style.