While Mind the Gap may have a bit of a bare-bones narrative, with little dialogue besides the titular recording, this short by Luke Flanagan succeeds in its modest ambitions.

Eileen Nicholas does an admirable job as the widowed Margaret, but it is the city of London that stars in Mind the Gap. The film is a small yet potent reminder of how constant change always affects our cities, all of which were built by people, many of whom are long gone. Oswald Laurence’s recording is just one of thousands of ghosts in London, and Luke Flanagan makes us acknowledge their work.

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CAST: Eileen Nicholas

DIRECTOR: Luke Flanagan

WRITER: Luke Flanagan

SYNOPSIS: Based on the true story of Margaret, the widow of Oswald Laurence – an actor who recorded the ‘Mind the Gap’ message on the London Tube. She frequently visits the Barbican train station to hear his voice again. Then one day his voice is replaced.