Gaspar Noé, a cinematic denizen of the controversial and envelope-pushing returns with only his fourth film in twenty eight years. Love, a 3D extravaganza, details a fractious relationship through the camera’s near-permanent voyeurism of their sex life.

The concept feels overbearing, with many low-key (save for one, hugely climactic shot) set pieces not in keeping with a 3D project’s scope; it feels like a needless experiment. With a director responsible for some of cinema’s most visceral visuals of recent years, his eye should’ve been enough to electrify the *ahem* wooden cast. As it is, they’re left suffocated.

Though possessing regular flourishes of direction to lust over, Love exists in a hinterland between high art and smutty gimmick, a film that despite its title is hard to truly fall for.



CAST: Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin, Aomi Muyock

DIRECTOR: Gaspar Noé

WRITER: Gaspar Noé

SYNOPSIS: Murphy (Glusman) is an American living in Paris who enters a highly sexually and emotionally charged relationship with the unstable Electra (Muyock). Unaware of the effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed.