Beheaded. Flambéed to death. Exposed to lethal amounts of radiation. These are just a few of the macabre fates of the stars in this short.

But if you’ve overdone the horror over Halloween, Escargore may just be the antidote you require.

With Aardman-esque styles of animation, director Oliver Hilbert lampoons well-worn horror tropes with a pace that outstrips that of its gastro-plodding protagonists.

Whilst the plot is very simple, the students at New Zealand’s Media Design School manage to bring a freshness which points towards their potential as filmmakers.

A fun little B-movie that packs both character development and impressive cinematography into five minutes.

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CAST: Campbell Cooley, Jodie Rimmer, Greg Johnson, Samuel Tack, Geoff Houtman

DIRECTOR: Oliver Hilbert

WRITERS: Oliver Hilbert, Karl Wills

SYNOPSIS: Five friends find themselves in a tricky situation in this horrific comedy. Will any of them escape with their lives?