Despite Closet Monster dealing with a ‘standard-fare’ topic – teenage angst and sexuality – it manages to prevent itself from seeming derivative.  Unafraid to reveal the still-lurking nastier attitudes towards homosexuality, it very effectively embodies these in the social conditioning of the protagonist’s, Oscar’s, father.

What truly seals the deal, however, is Isabella Rossellini’s voicing of Buffy the hamster, which seems rather random (and amusing) but also fits in with Closet Monster’s frequent blurring of reality and illusion.

Closet Monster employs a frenetic, but fitting, electro-pop soundtrack alongside quite an artsy style of cinematography, ensuring the film appears relevant.

Besides the talking hamster (!), Closet Monster is certainly worth a watch due to its originality, quirkiness and honesty, none of which ever seem forced.



CAST: Connor Jessup, Aaron Abrams, Sofia Banzhaf, Isabella Rossellini, Aliocha Schneider

DIRECTOR: Stephen Dunn

WRITER: Stephen Dunn

SYNOPSIS: Oscar (Jessup) attempts to navigate the choppy waters of near-adulthood and his burgeoning sexuality, all the while having to deal with the past traumas of his childhood – and confiding in his hamster.