Sang-soo Hong’s Right Now, Wrong Then is a poignant and intriguing little two-hander that sensitively examines the butterfly effect of the early interactions in a relationship. The phrasing or intonation of one sentence within minutes of meeting someone can mean either marriage or heartbreak further down the line.

Smart, naturalistic and understated, the narrative repeats itself (a la Groundhog Day) halfway through. This may irritate some, but there’s much joy to be had in examining the subtle differences in the nuances of Ham and Yoon’s sweet, tentative relationship. The meandering Linklater-esque dialogue will charm most but deter a few.

Low-key and charming, Right Now, Wrong Then rewards with some understated and nuanced performances, and a sizeable dose of poignancy and emotional truth. It will stay with you.



CAST: Jae-yeong Jeong, Min-hee Kim

DIRECTOR: Sang-soo Hong

WRITER: Sang-soo Hong

SYNOPSIS: Acclaimed art-house director Ham (Jae-yeong) is in town to deliver a lecture. He meets Yoon (Min-hee), a young artist, and their relationship slowly tilts towards love – with two very distinct outcomes.

Right Now, Wrong Then was screened as part of the Journey Gala at the 2015 London Film Festival.