Con Air‘s director, The Princess Bride‘s writer, and Jason Statham’s everything – Wild Card may have decent odds, but it’s a long 40 minutes until the Stath even finds his fists.

It all feels like a semi-engaging flashback episode of a show about a Las Vegas “bodyguard” living in the desert’s seamy underbelly, flitting between mobsters, croupiers, and his sidekick: the cowardly millionaire.

While Statham normally thrives as a normal guy in abnormal circumstances, here the latter doesn’t stretch far enough. In Vegas it takes a big ol’ light to stand out, and Wild Card‘s barely flickers.

A two-tone noir uncertainly veering from Vegas-based levity and buddy-buddying with Michael Angarano, to predictable darkness and a weasly (is there any other?) Milo Ventimiglia – and none of it’s all that interesting.



CAST: Jason Statham, Anne Heche, Michael Angarano, Milo Ventimiglia

DIRECTOR: Simon West

WRITER: William Goldman

SYNOPSIS: A Las Vegas bodyguard gets into trouble with the mob after helping his friend enact revenge.