Paula aims to be an intelligent study on coming-of-age issues, and the strict, if subtle, gender dynamics that still govern some communities. Young nanny Paula’s predicament finds no one willing to help – or even moved by her plight.

Paula lacks in eventfulness and moves at glacial pace – screen time is spent on Paula riding her scooter and in the bathroom, and the family’s matriarch bitching about the children with said (cute) kids playing in the pool.

Paula’s only vaguely interesting move is to raise the question of who else may be culpable for her quandary – but not answer it.

Canevari aspires towards a low-key, naturalistic mood for Paula but misses the mark and lands in ‘rather boring’. Nice shots and reasonable performances save it from being a total loss.



DIRECTOR: Eugenio Canevari

CAST: Denise Labbate, Estefania Blaiotta, Bernardo Calabia, Pablo Bocanera

SYNOPSIS: Nanny Paula (Labbate) struggles with sorting out an inconvenient complication on her own and finds no solace in others when she eventually reaches out.