Jonathan Perel’s audiovisual quandary is a film essay dissecting the relationship between industry and the last military dictatorship in Argentina. Perel documents a present haunting absence of humanity in industrial areas and the removal of labour rights and crimes against humanity committed by a collusion of industry and government. In the “removal” of workers being deemed difficult or combative, businesses increased productivity by dismissal, imprisonment, torture, and murder in complete disregard for labour rights. Filming through his car window, Perel has presented an unsettling and vivid landscape documentary that is a heavily political assessment of a troubled Argentinian past. 

Corporate Accountability is an insomniac’s account of an industrial dystopia, in colour and visual metaphor. Through the disconnected man-made landscapes of factory buildings and roads, there is a sense of sadness that matches the narrative, as Perel reads the audience the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights’ report on past events.

Whilst the film is an essential account of clear crimes against the working class, the dialogue is at times unfortunately without a pause, detracting from some truly powerful imagery. Though not the most engaging piece, the essay is an important commentary on capitalism and dictatorship, how collusion between government and corporate executives can easily disregard human life in pursuit of financial gain. Perel carefully presents the report which details countless acts of state terrorism and military involvement within a variety of industries, ultimately to silence dissent, and kidnap and murder those who step out of line.

Perhaps Perel’s bigger statement is that these companies still operate in absolute impunity despite a damning report that charts an astonishing number of disappearances. In a sentiment that accusation and punishment are impossible and futile, the factories stand as monuments in this industrial ghost story.



CAST: Jonathan Perel (narration)

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Perel

SYNOPSIS: A compilation of images of Argentina’s Industrial landscapes, as the director recounts a report of past violations of labour rights in the country.