A strong premise and some stunning locations make for some intriguing moments but ultimately don’t add up to much in Don’t Grow Up.

With its stock characters and an abundance of awkward dialogue, this Skins/28 Days Later crossover struggles to bring anything to the zombie/survival genre that hasn’t been done before – and better – by other films.

The lively if inconsistent cast keep things interesting and provide some touching scenes, but the surfeit of fresh ideas eventually tells as the film’s narrative begins to repeat itself. Frustratingly, bigger themes are hinted at without being explored in a worthwhile way.

Individual enjoyment of Don’t Grow Up  will vary depending on your tolerance of genre clichés and bad dialogue – as it stands this remains a case of what could have been.



CAST: Fergus Riordan, Madeleine Kelly, Darren Evans, Mckell David

DIRECTOR: Theirry Poiraud

WRITERS: Thierry Poiraud, Marie Garel

SYNOPSIS: On an unnamed island, a group of teenage delinquents wake up to a world where all of the adults have lost their minds and begun attacking their children.

Don’t Grow Up was screened as part of the Cult Gala at the 2015 London Film Festival.