Lessons in Love is not just boring, it’s not just crude, it’s hopelessly pointless.

The film is horribly alienating – equating Lord Byron’s romantic rule breaking with a privileged professor who sleeps with his students, drives drunk and is frequently misogynistic.

Through all this it refuses to criticise Richard (Brosnan) for it in an attempt to validate its “romantic” plot. It’s not romantic, it’s not dramatic, and it’s certainly not funny.

Alba and Hayek are underused as love interests and McDowell’s role is painfully inconsistent. Even Brosnan checks out of this meandering and cliché ridden script before the audience will.

This film has no idea what it is meant to be. Lessons In Love would be an insult to storytelling if it managed to tell any kind of story.



CAST: Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Malcom McDowell, Ben McKenzie

DIRECTOR: Tom Vaughan

WRITER: Matthew Newman

SYNOPSIS: A Cambridge lecturer (Brosnan) raised on the romantics refuses to live life by the rules, but after he gets one of his students (Alba) pregnant he decides to take the leap and follow her to Los Angeles.